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Safety first – now and tomorrow!

LiKAMED has been "Focused on Design and Quality" for more than 40 years. Quality and safety are our top priority.
This is why LiKAMED is the first company that has not only been conducting internal quality testing for our products since 1993 but also has them tested and confirmed by external test centres. This procedure ensures that the chairs conform to current safety standards and that you can rely on their safety during use by patients and staff and also during cleaning. The external tests look for crush or pinch points, test whether that the chairs could tip, test their safety under maximum load (up to 1000 kg on the test stand} and check electrical safety in accordance with EN 60601-1.

Updated recommendation for BfArM case no. 0785/03

The BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) published an updated recommendation for the case of "automatically height-adjustable therapy chairs" on 22 December 2020. The focus is on the serious work accidents with reference to pinch points and the recommendations of the BfArM for avoiding serious work accidents of this type are updated.
This does not affect LiKAMED products, because we have always designed our therapy chairs and bed chairs with a focus on safety to ensure that work accidents of this type cannot occur.

LiKAMED guarantees safety at work with the additional safety of the optional foot controller with double-dick function. The chair will only move if the movement is triggered by deliberately pressing the controller twice. When the controller is no longer pressed, the movement of the chair also stops immediately. This function makes it impossible to actuate the foot controller accidentally, such as during cleaning, and eliminates the hazard. The foot controller can also be used exclusively to move the chair into the shock position or Trendelenburg position and not to adjust the height. The function of adjustment to the shock position or Trendelenburg position means that entrapment is not possible when using the foot switch.

The hand switch can also be locked with a key to prevent operation of the chair, such as during cleaning. lf the hand switch should not be locked, the chair can still only be adjusted by deliberately pressing and holding a key. lf the key is released, the chair stops in its current position immediately and does not move further. This is a dual safety function to prevent accidental adjustment of the chairs.

LiKAMED appoints TÜV Süd Product Service to conduct external tests of our products for additional safety. They confirm the safety of our products with their own tests, with a specific focus on crush and pinch points to eliminate the possibility of work accidents such as case no. 0785/03.

With LiKAMED products you are on the safe side and you benefit from our high standards of quality, safety and testing. We supply products that you can use without worrying.

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