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    LiKAWAVE® Vario 3i in action

    ESWT with VARIO LOGIC Technology (VLT)

Interview with Dr. med. Simeon Geronikolakis

"Football doctor" Dr. Geronikolakis discusses his experience with the use of shockwave therapy and its advantages in an interview with LiKAMED.

"I consider that shockwave therapy is an excellent method for the successful treatment of many types of disease and injury. It is non-invasive, which means that it does not injure the outside surface of the body, it does not use radiation and it is virtually free from any other risks or side effects." 

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Dr. med. Simeon Geronikolakis

Tokyo | Japan

LiKAWAVE VARIO 3i shock wave device at the Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo - CONGRATULATIONS !!!

MVZ Oberallgäu in Sonthofen, Germany

The medical care center (MVZ) Oberallgäu in Sonthofen has been successfully relying on the innovation of our shockwave device LiKAWAVE VARIO 3i for two years.

Urology Dr. Künst in Memmingen, Germany

Allgäu Urologie Dr. Künst in Memmingen: Shockwave therapy can be an established therapeutic approach, especially for erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, etc.

LiKAWAVE VARIO 3i® in Augsburg, Germany

Dr Matthias Teufel opened his new practice in Augsburg at the beginning of September 2021 and invested in a new LiKAWAVE VARIO 3i.

Dr. med. Matthias Teufel

LiKAWAVE VARIO 3i in the new surgery in Augsburg.