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    LiKAMED Therapie chairs in use

Värmland, Gävleborgs län | Sweden

28 SENSA Flex A4 ZA and 2 SENSA i have been placed in various centers in Värmland for blood donation, transfusion and apheresis. Each treatment chair is perfectly complemented by our swiveling table and the low, wedge-shaped foam armrests in combination with the tiltable armrest provide a comfortable and optimal arm position for the patient and staff.

University Hospital Magdeburg | Germany

New set-up of the haematology/oncology day clinic with a total of 15 Sensa i chairs and the new swivel tables.

Leverkusen Clinical Centre, MS Ambulance | Germany

The MS Ambulance of the Leverkusen Clinical Centre was equipped with 8 SENSA Flex A4 chairs

Plasma Service Europe GmbH | Merseburg, Germany

Plasma Service Europe GmbH relies on LiKAMED products and is equipping its plasma centre in Merseburg with 12 SENSA Flex chairs.

Morayfield RCC | Queensland, Australia

17 SENSA i dialysis chairs and matching ST 1 patient tables were set up in the new dialysis center in the Morayfield Health Hub.

Guatemala City | Guatemala

In Guatemala City, one of the nationwide hemodialysis centers was equipped with SENSA i dialysis chairs.

Blood Donation Centres |Kuwait

80 SENSA i therapy chairs were set up in the Blood Donation Centers in Kuwait.

Nahdicare Clinics | Saudi Arabia

The Nahdicare clinics have chosen LiKAMED medical chairs.