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    Dialysis chairs and treatment chairs


The chairs are as individual as your requirements. Therefore we offer three main Lines for our chairs.


Flexibility, Quality and design at its best

Our new SENSA® i series sets new standards for comfort and safety! In addition to the proven quality, it is characterized by a new design and complete flexibility. To achieve the highest level of comfort and safety for patients and operators has been the focus of our new series, combined with developing a flexibility that is so far unrivalled.
Besides adding the Trendelenburg position as a standard, our special attention was turned to further increase the comfort for patient and operator.
The new modular concept makes it even easier to design your desired therapy chair. Now you are able to select from different types of upholstery, casters, footrests and many other options, according to your individual needs. This makes our SENSA® i the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, whether it is dialysis, oncology, blood donation, infusion or transfusion, as well as countless other medical fields.

SENSA® i Scale

Therapy chair with integrated scale

The calibrated or certified calibrated scale is suitable for a safe working load of up to 200 kg and the four load cells enable weighing of the patient in the preferred position, considerably easing the work of healthcare personnel.


Minimal space requirement with maximum comfort for patients.

SENSA Flex has been developed for the specific needs in oncological day-care hospitals and the infusion and transfusion medicine and is additionally excellent qualified for the use in general medical practices. She only requires very little space – but at the same time offers high stability and safety against overturning and is also certified by TÜV. The therapy chair SENSA Flex convinces with steeples, motorized position adjustment. Easy entrance and exit from the chair‘s front is patient-friendly possible due to the low seat height and simplified through the advantageously foot part and the present seat inclination. Versatility and economic efficiency, the high patient comfort, with which even treatments lasting several hours can be undertaken in a relaxed manner, are characteristic for the SENSA Flex.


Therapy Chairs for every area

Designed to meet such criteria as ergonomics and comfort, ease of use, mobility and stability (even assuming a high patient weight) as well as time saving hygiene, SALSA® couches are ideal for hospitals and clinical practices. All models are lightweight and mobile, which will please both patients and those caring for them. The range provides the right couch for every set of needs.

Vaccination chair

The compact injection chair for your vaccinate patients

The compact vaccination chair in its specially developed configuration for vaccinations offers price- and performance-oriented comfort in TÜV-tested quality.


Independent functionality

The compact design of the SEMA chair with its 2-layer sandwich foam upholstery, the soft, rotatable and folding upwards armrests and the casters with individual lock offers all essential functions for everyday treatment.