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Are you already familiar with our new options?

  • Tablet holder
  • Swiveling table
  • USB charging port
  • USB reading lamp
  • CPR release

They consistently complement our product range and guarantee you the optimum equipment for every application.
The new accessories are now available for SENSA®i, SALSA® and SENSA®Flex medical chairs.

Tablet holder
Flexible adjustable and swiveling holder for smartphone or tablet.

Swiveling table
The height adjustable and tiltable tray is mounted directly on the couch to save space.

USB charging port
Charge electronic devices conveniently during treatment. Our new USB charging port makes it possible to charge electronic devices directly from the chair. Enjoy unlimited connectivity and always stay connected!

USB reading lamp
The patient reading lamp for the USB charging port.

CPR release
The CPR release ensures a simple and quick reclining position for effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation. With a simple pull of the trigger, the chair is automatically brought into the required position. The CPR release enables medical personnel to take life-saving measures without losing time.

Bag holder
The bag holder for medical couches is a clever solution for safely storing personal items during medical examinations and keeping the treatment area clean at the same time