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    NOVO X 550

    Highest comfort and safety for patient and staff

No longer available

The sale of our long-time, successful bed chair NOVO X 550 is finished.
Of course you will receive a spare parts delivery guarantee for 10 years until 2028.

We recommend the SILOVO dialysis/bed chair as the successor model.

NOVO X 550

Highest comfort and safety for patients and therapeutic team

NOVO X 550 – the ideal combination of the comfort of a bed and adjustability of a chair. The five motors offer a comfortable positioning of the patient during the whole treatment from the sitting position, over the bed- and shock positon. The height adjustment ensures an easy step in and step out for the patient as well as a perfect working environment for the staff. Foot rest adjustment is also motorized and offers perfect comfort for the patient.
The big laying surface provides a comfortable and relaxing environment. Due to additional options the bed is highly adaptable and you can save time.