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    SENSA® i

    The new standard

    The modular design allows you to assemble the chair exactly as you need it.

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    SENSA® i

    Seat position

    Stepless motorized adjustment

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    SENSA® i

    Comfort position

    Stepless motorized adjustment

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    SENSA® i

    Bed position

    Stepless motorized adjustment

  • [Translate to English:] Slide 1 Vordergrund Liegenposition (Schock 4)

    SENSA® i

    Shock position

    Stepless motorized adjustment

  • [Translate to English:] Slide 1 Vordergrund Liegenposition (Trend 5)

    SENSA® i

    Trendelenburg position

    Stepless motorized adjustment


Maximum flexibility and function 

The new SENSA i sets new standards for configuration, safety, comfort and ease of use. It continues the tradition of LiKAMED quality in a new design marked by complete flexibility. In addition to its outstanding quality, close attention has been paid to the comfort of patients and users, as shown by the wide selection of configurable equipment options.

SENSA® i is a TÜV SÜD certified therapy chair.

Stay flexible

Adjustment and positioning options

Set the chair to any desired position. Depending on the adjustment options and the installed options, the SENSA i chair comes with three, four or five drives.

Shock or Trendelenburg position

You can configure your chair to select whether it moves the patient into the shock position or the Trendelenburg position in case of emergency.

Foot controller 

In an emergency, the optional safe foot controller can be double-clicked to move the chair quickly and easily into the shock or the Trendelenburg position, depending on your configuration. At the same time, nursing personnel have their hands free for immediate action in case of emergency.

Ease of operation

All adjustments are easily made quickly and precisely with the intuitively designed hand switch. The symbols on the buttons are three-dimensional for operation by visually impaired people. You receive the suitable hand switch for the specific model with only the functions that you have selected.

Comfort buttons
One of the most popular functions of LiKAMED chairs: after setting the optimal seat position, the patient can change the position quickly and easily with only one pair of buttons without changing the angles of the seat part, back part and foot part to one another.

Special buttons
The coloured markings ensure that the most important functions are easily visible. Quick adjustment to the shock or Trendelenburg position is particularly important in case of emergency.

Magnetic key
The hand switch can be locked and unlocked with the magnetic key.

Greater comfort for your patients

The SENSA i offers a wide range of different upholsteries including the perfect selection for your application. The wide range of optional equipment, such as spring core, soft upholstery or individually adjustable air chambers with dynamic adjustment options, make it easy for you to find the best solutions for your application.

Detailed information about the variants in the configurator.

The pulsating upholstery with adjustable air chambers

Perfect for treatments that take place over several hours

The firmness of this type of upholstery can be adjusted to suit the patient with internal air chambers. The air chambers in the back part and the seat part can be adjusted separately with the hand switch to make the patient as comfortable as possible. The dynamic adjustment options in the back part ensure that patients will be able to relax and change position during long treatment sessions. The ability to adjust the air chambers separately for patients of different weights is also a great advantage when treating a range of different patients.

For every application the perfect solution


For every specialty the perfect solution: armrests that rotatable and can be folded upwards, armrests that tiltable or armrests with height adjustment. 

Armrest pads

A wide range of different pads for armrests makes it easy to make the right choice for your purpose. The full foam armrests pads are comfortable and particularly easy to clean. The range of foamed armrest pads with imitation leather covers is particularly comfortable. Arms are comfortably supported by the slightly concave shape and the integrated holder gives the hand switch its specific place and it is easily accessible. The imitation leather cover on the foam armrest pads enables you to select different colours to design the chair to your requirements and to match the interior design of its surroundings.

With or without footrest?

Electrical or manual adjustment?

It's your choice

The foot part provides a really relaxed seat position. A footrest is recommended for specific applications, such as dialysis, in order to give patients the option of pressing their feet against the footrest to relieve a cramp.

Keep moving

Whether the chair is moved around often or is always in the same place, we have the right casters for every situation.

Detailed information about the variants in the configurator.

Easily cleaned and attractive


The different covers make cleaning simple and easy and save time for other purposes. You can fit covers over the seat part, the foot part and the bottom frame. The back part cover is part of standard equipment. The cover components are practical and also look attractive as design elements.

Upholstery protection

The robust and easily cleaned transparent protective covers protect your chair even under heavy use with shoes. We also recommend a Jersey cover as a colour accent and protection for your chair. The hand switch holder on the armrests remains accessible with all protective covers.

Antimicrobial upholstery

The special antimicrobial imitation leather is available for all upholsteries and can reduce the viability or infectiousness of microorganisms, thus offering greater safety for patient and health care personnel.

Well-thought-out and practically orientated

For every application the optimal accessory

The SENSA i chair is the result of more than 40 years of experience and development of therapy chairs. High-quality, functional and designed to meet the requirements of patients and medical staff, the modular SENSA i chair is an efficient tool for daily use in all areas.

Configure and experience your chair

Configure your individual SENSA i

You can configure your new SENSA i quickly and easily with the LiKAMED product configurator. The configurator guides you step by step to the perfect configuration for you in the colours you want.

Picture shows configuration variant

Technical Data

Armrests length x width x height
full foam armrest pads60.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 4.5 cm
foam armrest pads52.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 8.5 cm
low wedge-shaped foam armrest pads52.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 6.5 – 9.5 cm
high wedge-shaped foam armrest pads52.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 7.5 – 12.5 cm
Upholstery length x width x height219 cm x 60 cm x 9 cm
Total length (max.) x width229 cm x 87 cm
Ground clearance
with casters ∅ 7.5 cm63 mm
with casters ∅ 10.0 cm93 mm
with casters ∅ 12.5 cm132 mm
Seating height
Adjustment range with height adjustment22 cm
with casters ∅ 7.5 cm57 cm or 53 cm – 75 cm
with casters ∅ 10.0 cm60 cm or 56 cm – 78 cm
with casters ∅ 12.5 cm64 cm or 60 cm – 82 cm
Angle of inclination
back part (variant Shock position)0° – 72°
back part (variant Trendelenburg position)-12° – 72°
seat part0° – 25°
foot part-25° – 2°
Angle of inclination Shock position
back part
seat part25°
foot part27°
Angle of inclination Trendelenburg position
back part-12°
seat part25°
foot part27°
Upholstery material
UV-proof, impermeable to moisture, checked for biocompatibility and toxicity, flame retardant

Colour metal frame/covers
light grey RAL 7047

Colour upholstery
stone, saffron, raspberry, azure, kiwi, agave, sapphire

special colours see colour chart

Colour full foam armrests

Colour foam armrests
stone, saffron, raspberry, azure, kiwi, agave, sapphire

special colours see colour chart

Colour footrest
light grey RAL 7047

Colour footrest inlay
stone, saffron, raspberry, azure, kiwi, agave, sapphire

special colours see colour chart

individually locking ∅ 7.5 cm

individually locking ∅ 10 cm

individually locking ∅ 10 cm incl. direction locking

central locking ∅ 10 cm

central locking ∅ 12.5 cm incl. direction locking

Manual adjustment of

Motorised adjustment of
back part

seat part

foot part

height adjustment



Equipotential bonding

Power rating, primary
100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

29 V Power rating, secundary

Fuses: internal

Potection type hand control unit: IP X6

Protection type controller: II/IP X 4

Protection class II

Duty cycle: 2 min ON/18 min OFF or 10 % with max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Consumption in standby< 2 W
EL equipment/EMC: DIN EN 60601-1, 60606-1-2

Spiral power cable 2.0 m – 3.5 m

Permitted air pressure: 800 – 1060 hPa

Ambient temperature: 10° – 40° C

Emission sound pressure level: < 65 dB(A)

Medical device classI
Applied parts type B (CF limit values in compliance)

Safe working load250 kg
Weight (depending on configuration)85 – 100 kg
2 years guarantee


standard variant