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    Therapy beds and bed chairs

LiKAMED-beds set standards

The beds, which fulfil your wishes

LiKAMED bed chairs offer a unique combination of the benefits and adjustability of a chair and the comfort of a bed in combination with the possibility to mount armrests to the beds. Due to their versatile adjustability, as well as an adjustable footrest, it leaves nothing to be desired.


For dialysis and many other areas

SELEXA is setting new standards: patients can sit, recline and relax in unequalled stability, safety and comfort thanks to the convenience of steeples positioning technology. SELEXA was specially developed to meet the stringent clinical requirements of dialysis, post-operative recovery rooms and oncology in partnership with carers, patients and planners. The emphasis is on patient well-being through ease of access, a comfortable mattress of generous length and width (and free from uncomfortable seams) and smooth manoeuvrability courtesy of up to five motors intelligently controlled via a hand control unit. This ensures ideal conditions and comfort for patients undergoing treatment for several hours or overnight.


The compact bed chair

SILOVO its the perfect entrance into the world of LiKAMED bed chairs. Because of its flexibility regarding the configuration and the options, every wish can be fulfilled. The compact design, combined with many options, which can be attached to the bed chair make it a perfect fit for the dialysis and many other medical fields.
All models can be stepless adjusted via back-, seat- and foot part as well as height adjustment. These ensures, that the patient has an easy step in and step out and the nurses a perfect working height. The optional fifth motor ensures, that the patient can adjust the footrest by himself.
In case of emergency, the Trendelenburg position can be reached with the manual controller. The maximum patient weight is 230 kg.