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SENSA Evolution A3 - electrical adjustment of back-, seat- and foot-part
SENSA Evolution A4 - with additional electrical height-adjustment

The perfect composition of design and comfort

  • Swivelling and folding upwards armrests
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Continuous motorized adjustment of the back part
  • Continuous motorized adjustment of the seat part
  • Continuous motorized adjustment of the foot part
  • Continuous motorized height adjustment (Evolution A4)
  • Continuous motorized adjustment of the footrest (option)
  • Continuous manual footrest adjustment
  • Foot rest pull-in step balancing to adjust the foot rest in a lowered or horizontal position
  • Steplees adjustment from a sitting position into a bed or shock position
  • Equipotential bonding
  • Elegant underframe- and side-part covers
  • Separately lockable castors Ø 10 cm
  • Central locking including full underframe casing with Ø 10 cm castors (option)
  • Comfortable soft upholstery with sandwich construction
  • Visco foam upholstery with sandwich construction (option)
  • With decorative stitching
  • Compact version with shorter upholstery (SV-Version)
  • Relax pillow
  • Upholstery in additional colour (option)
  • Applications of the upholstery and the relax pillow in additional colour (option)
  • Hook on the back-part to store cables an the hand switch
  • Hand switch with initial position button, shock button, comfort keys, blind symbols and magnetical lock

Technical data

Electrical adjustment of  
Back-part serie serie
Seat-part serie serie
Foot-part serie serie
Height adjustment nein serie
Footrest option option
Equipotential bonding Standard
Power rating

100 - 240 V AC,

50/60 Hz, 3.15 A max.

Fuse intern
Hand switch IP 66
Protection class II
Protection art IPX 4
EMV DIN EN 60601/1, 60601/1-2
Spiral net cable 2 m - 3,5 m
Environmental temperature 3° C – 40° C
Maximum weight 200 kg
Weight without options 89 kg
Guarantee 2 years

serie = Serie  option = Option     SV = Short Version (compact model with short upholstery)


  • Comfortable handle to move the chair easily
  • Comfortable, rotable handle to move the chair easily
  • Rotable Infusion rood holder and fusion stand
  • Paper roll holder für Castors for rolls up to 60 cm
  • Bright reading lamp
  • Wedge-shaped Armrests
  • Hard wearing Jersey stretch cover in different colours
  • Transparent protective cover for armrest, foot-part and footrest